About Lisa C

When Lisa started Lisa C Jewelry, she was recovering from bilateral mastectomies and was very uncomfortable. Her daughter, Carlie, suggested that she take her mother to a craft store to get some beads and make bracelets. Carlie believed this would help keep Lisa’s mind occupied during her recovery. Before Lisa realized, her entire kitchen table was covered with beads – she was in love with jewelry making! As soon as she recovered, Lisa began wearing her bracelets to the gym and people seemed to like them…. She sold over $10,000 in the first 6 weeks!


“Doing something you love and making money, there is nothing like it…. it is absolutely terrific. I started creating necklaces, then earrings, and before I knew it, the earrings were what I was known for. Although I didn’t come up with the concept of hoops and earring charms, I reinvented the idea. A hoop could be purchased and then the customer could choose from a selection of charms in all shapes, sizes, and colors.


I also had the idea of layering the charms so that each woman could ultimately be their own designer. I always joked that if a woman could still hold her head up, she didn’t have enough Lisa C charms on! I was lucky enough to get into Leslie’s Boutique with the help of a wonderful lady, Libby Lane, who was always in my corner. That led to Lester Melnick’s, known as a Dallas landmark. When Libby moved to Saks Fifth Avenue, she got me into about 18 Saks stores which was truly amazing. I have also been at Blinc and Tootsie’s. I really love what I do and I make a wish over every piece, hoping the customer will feel the good vibes!

Always remember.. Don't criticize... Accessorize!

Xo, Lisa C”